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Broughton Moor

As its name suggests the quarry is situated on Broughton Moor, mid-way between Broughton-in-Furness and Coniston and has been worked since the middle of the 19th Century. Broughton Moor is a mid green stone, often highlighted by contrasting white veins and beautiful tone changes that reflect its natural origins. Broughton Moor can be extracted in a variety of green tones to add a dark and light green contrast to surfaces yet purvey the beauty of its natural markings. Broughton Moor has been used for generations to provide walling, flooring, cladding, cills, worktops, and stairs. The richness of Broughton Moor makes it ideal for use in interior furniture and fittings, whether in traditional or modern design schemes.


A high-pressure airline projects coarse-grained abrasives, giving a regular non slip finish.


Heat and water combine to achieve a regular textured finish.


A smooth finish with a slight sheen, produced by using a polishing head.


The top surfaces of sawn slabs are pneumatically tooled to produce a pitted surface.


The top surfaces of sawn slabs are coarsely diamond sanded to produce a non slip finish.


The top surfaces of sawn slabs are pneumatically tooled to produce a grooved surface.


A finish in which the stone is split along its natural cleavage plane.


A similar finish to honed but with greater slip-resistance.


A smooth high gloss finish, produced by using a polishing head. For limestone only.

The colours shown in this range sample of swatches are indicative only and would encompass the colour variations available from our standard range of products. Only for any bespoke requirements, customers can determine their specific needs for the project and product choices can be made after reference to detailed samples. The uniqueness of Burlington natural stone means colour tone and markings can change as a consequence of its extraction from different stone seams and the finish carried out to its surface.